Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tokyo - take it or leave it / Ch.8 Transport from hell

Transport from hell):

Multiple train lines run through   Tokyo like enormous veins constantly transporting people via especially bulging in rush hours vessels with all the 'pleasures' of 150-200% capacity. Meaning? Crowds are literally plastered against the walls, windows and other unfortunate souls making this trip every single day descending and ascending all the circles of hell with methodical precision, devoid of emotions, stonewalling the outside world with all kind of gadgets helping to disconnect into oblivion, until the next 
swallows you in of spits you out. 
It probably true about most large cities. Tokyo gives it a special edge of a quiet desperation without any resistance. People long ago broken by this unyielding machine stopped protesting and just settled into accepting anything that comes with it, however paradoxical or tragic. 
Sheer indifference is the most frightening. 
Delays are inevitable part of life, eating your time and grinding your nerves without any hope for the change. Few raindrops or snow flakes melting in the air can plunge this 'reliable' transport into an upheaval with thousands stranded unable to get to work or home. That might explain why the large number of suicides here is committed on train tracks (despite the sheer horror of it).  

The ultimate revenge?..

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