Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tokyo - take it or leave it / Ch.13 Rock-bottom


There will come days when you'll learn to loathe and despise this city and its people. And make no mistake they will. Numerous little things piling up, bearing on you and finally with the last straw braking camel's back overwhelmingly powerful avalanche falls on you with all its force. 
There could be a cluster of reasons. Dull ineptness, inability to deal with most trivial things without blowing them out of proportion and still refusing to move towards any kind of solution. Repetitive zombi-like mantra of being the best, most hard-working (hard translates directly to long hours, not the result), safest, cleanest etc etc etc, that after being heard for the 1000th time makes you want to scream: 'Wake up! Look around! Take the bloody chip out of your brain and see, think, learn, compare real experiences before ever opening pointless mouth.'
But again, real emotions aren't welcome, 'patience'  (read: ignorance), lazy hypocrisy of never needing to learn or understand protected by set of mantras hammered in since childhood, through 'education' system and during job training. 

You probably can apply this to many capitals to some extend. But in this particular one it reaches the hight of absolute perfection of its artificiality. Not unlike the instant food that replaced all other types in its majority. All the glitter coming off at sunrise dissolving into the grey concrete jungle that eats you up and spits you out every single day digesting in its vast stomach and sometimes you wonder if this survival game is actually worth playing. 

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