Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tokyo - take it or leave it/Ch.16 Where did the Manners go?

Isn't it sad when the disabled boy with slow mental development has better social manners than fully capable members of the society. 
He is there, at the station, taking an elevator the same time every day. He always lets people in and out first. 

With everyone else stampeding along, sweeping others on the way with giant shoulder bags and rucksacks that they don't bother to take off even on crowded trains, rush hour or not.

Zombies are walking, glued to their smart phones like it's the end of the world even if it's only for games and pointlessly mundane texts they constantly exchange, falling on stairs and platforms, constantly bumping into upcoming traffic, endangering others as much as themselves and still continue without making conclusions. 

But of course, if nothing else then ridiculous apps offered by mobile service provides, like KDDI are seriously meant to 'save' the day. Just listen to the premise. You install the app and it'll scramble your screen if you try to walk and text.
Provided you already do have common sense and won't use it walking, you'd probably have no need for it. On the other hand, individuals who prefer to ignore the warnings and carry on regardless won't be rushing to install the app either. Question remains: who is it for? brightly advertised as an effective tool to prevent the use of smart phones on the go. 
Sometimes it's scary how madness is spreading and infects the population that is not even reacting to these seriously mental promises that have only sheer wishful thinking of an overheated in a scorching day, 'saving' on AC bureaucrat to back them up. 

Young males pushing out of the way elderly and women to get to the seat on trains it's too familiar a sight. 
Effeminate young males hiding away in morning trains 'Ladies only' coaches is another 'forget about rules or manners' phenomena. 

Still, the majority is chanting away long memorized 'we are better, here it's better than in other places', not having the first clue about 'other places' either from education or extensive one week hop-hop package tours, viewing scenery outside through bus windows.

Confidence, conviction, blind obstinacy towards anything challenging assumed vision, however distorted.

Is there any hope for the change?