Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tokyo - take it or leave it /Ch.11 Surprises


At times very randomly you would be surprised by people and their actions, sweet and thoroughly unexpected.
Like today, when a young man with some disability came in the train coach, set and then few minutes later asked the other young man next to him if he could help him to tighten the laces on his boots. The young man turned to him with the shy smile and helped him, without a second thought or hesitation. 

Or when an older men offered you a handful of little colorful origami birds and smiles.

Bouts of kindness come and go. Initially many of us would stop to help instead of rushing through endless corridors without looking around. City does bend people, mold them, toughening up to the point when life is just a formula of survival necessities. 
It's too easy to loose yourself in this turbulent sea trying to navigate it in various weather conditions and not to fall overboard with slim chance to be picked up. 

Surprises come unexpectedly in various forms. Like a young man's (going through 
Omiai obstacle course for 2 years) 
answer to the question what he expects from the prospective partner. He simply said: 'I want to be loved'.

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