Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tokyo - take it or leave it /Ch.14 Mythes & reality

Mythes & reality): 

You can choose to read make-believe stories about space age plumbing in every corner of the city and ignore old squatting installations in most older (over 15years) buildings with non-existent hot water, hand soap or dustbins. You could try to go past the dingy restrooms in the old building of the flagship department store that sells ostrich skin slippers for $500 and at the same time let random cockroaches run their errands few meters away from Cartier display. You could try to find explanation for reclining towards the railways narrow platforms edges despite the scary number of people falling under trains. 
You could brush off the fact that central heating is unheard of by most and its existence unrecognized and this 'high tech' city continues to utilize kerosine heaters on a regular basis by most households citing low cost. Just imagine the fumes - this is the smell of winter mixing up with still preserved in naphthaline winter wear that normally signifies the change of season.
Journalism is business and few venture to tell what they actually see or know reasonably assuming they won't be published. 
They feed people delusions that most never bother to question or check. 

It's not about what is better or worse in a large scheme of life. The reality as it is with all good, bad and trivial should be acknowledged no matter how pretty or not it might be. It could spare newcomers a lot of headache and failed expectations. 

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